About us

It is a family business, with collaborators in different countries who produce this unique product in the world (Ecospheres®), in addition to other products, and always respecting science and artistic aesthetics. The Ecospheres® are being exhibited around the world, as our customer base transcends any barrier of age, race, cultural level or geographic location.

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Ecospheres® is part of an international group with representation in countries such as: (USA, Japan, Germany, England, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, France)

Our product comes from a scientific project initiated by NASA . The system demonstrates in the most simplistic way the interdependence of animals and plants with the most precious element on Earth: water.

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Each of the Ecospheres is produced by hand in our own production laboratories, by qualified personnel and following strict standards and quality controls.

Our main purpose is educational. We are pleased to be able to offer a decorative and entertaining ecosystem for all ages, providing a comfortable window into the marine world. Likewise, we are at your disposal to solve any question you may have by clicking here . We answer all the doubts that are transmitted to us in a short period of time.

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Mercantile Registry of Madrid (Volume: 19465)