Delivery term and conditions

Immediate delivery (1-2 days), on most models, except display sizes. Handmade production on request.
12 month warranty.

You will be informed of the exact delivery date by e-mail, 1-2 days before the delivery date.

If the package (Ecosphere), once received, is going to remain unopened for more than 3 days, it is recommended to open the box and remove it so that it can shine. Later when it is going to be given away, introduce it again. It's simple, it takes 30 seconds.

True to our total quality policy, shipments are made through express courier companies, however on specific dates such as Christmas there may be some delay beyond our control.
For large company orders the average delivery time is 1-4 weeks and 2-6 weeks with customizations. For more information, contact us by clicking here.
For shipments outside of Spain or Portugal, consult additional transport prices, since the prices indicated only include Spain and Portugal.
All expenses, taxes and documents that may be required in countries or areas with customs, are the responsibility of the recipient.

Regarding the packaging of the Ecospheres:
All our ecospheres are handled by qualified personnel and packed in special shockproof and temperature insulating boxes. Additionally, in cold times, a heating bag (warmer) will be added as an additional security measure.