Ecospheres Europa, SLU, fulfilling its commitment to total quality, guarantees that the Ecospheres are balanced systems capable of maintaining life inside if the basic maintenance instructions are followed. The replacement guarantee of the Ecospheres begins on the day the shipment is made.

Warranty period: 1 year on all current models for sale.

Previous models : The round models of 10cm in diameter and oval of 13cm in height have a 6-month warranty.

Although the Ecospheres can be considered a decorative object, it should not be forgotten that they contain living beings inside. Anyone who acquires an ecosphere acquires at the same time the responsibility of maintaining their ecosphere with due care and respect for the living beings that inhabit it.

The death of any living being (whether animal or plant) can respond to very diverse causes that are often difficult to control beforehand. For this reason, traditionally no guarantee is provided or returns are accepted in the purchase and sale of animals or plants by businesses that distribute living beings.
However, Ecospheres, complying with its quality commitment, provides a guarantee of replacement in Ecospheres under the following conditions:

Conditions of the Replacement Guarantee:

    • The replacement guarantee is not valid in the event that the limits of light or temperature have been exceeded, or in the event that the glass is broken or cracked (except when said breakage occurred during the shipment of your ecosphere to your home or address provided).
    • You must inform us by sending us an email clicking here to have proof of the death of its ecosphere in a period of less than a week.
    • Next we will contact you to indicate the steps to follow to send us the dead ecosphere and proceed with its subsequent replacement.
  • It must be sent as fragile and well-packaged merchandise, because the laboratory only accepts replacements on ecospheres that are received at the laboratory in good condition (they cannot arrive broken at the laboratory, nor will replacements be accepted on ecospheres that we have not received). Do not forget to send us the guarantee form filled out by you with the required data and a document that shows the date of purchase of your ecosphere (it can be an order receipt, delivery e-mail, invoice, etc...).
  • For the purposes of the replacement guarantee, an ecosphere is considered dead when all the shrimp in it have died. The death of any of the shrimps in isolation does not affect the viability of the ecosystem (regardless of the fact that said death has taken place during delivery transport from its ecosphere).
  • The Ecosphere delivered as a replacement is not under warranty (except in cases due to incidents arising during transportation or delivery).

        Except in cases or incidents attributable to the shipment of the product by Ecospheres Europe, the conditions determined by the manufacturer and/or authorized distributor of each product in question will apply. Inside the package you will find more information.