ecosphere as a gift

The Ecosphere® represents the perfect balance between art and science, a way of understanding the miracle of life through this totally closed, complete and self-sufficient miniature world integrated into a crystal ball, this is the essence of Ecospheres. A unique gift born from the research of the NASA , which was looking for closed systems in space where astronauts could live on long voyages. They wanted to find a self-sufficient environment, producing oxygen and food and reusing waste, and from these studies the Ecospheres were born.

Red shrimp, algae and microorganisms coexist in balance in seawater, along with natural gravel and gorgonian inside the glass. To live they do not need more than the energy of light, whether solar or artificial. A beautiful and fascinating object, in its appearance and meaning, life in its purest form.

The Ecosphere® is the most Original and innovative, ideal for any occasion as a birthday, Christmas or business gift .

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