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A hermetic world invented by NASA, the best way to give life

The red shrimp can become your best pet as long as it lives inside an Ecosphere. You don't need to feed him or take him for a walk. Nor is it necessary for you to spend part of your time keeping the water clean in which your peaceful existence is submerged.

"The interior of an Ecosphere is a closed ecosystem in which a series of living beings coexist: shrimp, algae and bacteria", Sergio Gozalo, in charge of its commercialization in Spain, explains to BUSINESS. The origin of this miniature world is located in the field of research and studies by NASA. “It comes from aerospace research whose objective was to ensure that astronauts could generate oxygen and food by themselves and in closed spaces,” he points out. The most incredulous will think that it is impossible for life to develop in a hermetic crystal ball and without being a matter of witchcraft. However it is totally doable. “Through photosynthesis, the algae generate oxygen so that the shrimp can breathe. These feed on algae and bacteria in the water. The bacteria, in turn, have the function of transforming the shrimp waste into nutrients for the algae. Lastly, algae and bacteria produce carbon dioxide”, points out Gozalo. The maintenance of an Ecosphere does not require effort: "It has to give it light, but not in a very direct way and it must not withstand extreme temperatures." With these simple instructions, your shrimp will be able to enjoy a peaceful life for years. "The larger ones last 10 years and the smaller ones from 2 to 5 and have a replacement guarantee of 1 year and 6 months respectively."

In http://www.ecospheres.com/ there is a wide sample of these crystal ecosystems. There are spherical and oval ones, from 10 cm in diameter to those made to measure to exhibit in museums or decorate hotels and restaurants.

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